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2015 EVENT DATES ANNOUNCED! Time to get busy!

Scott Gray, Chair of Canstruction Vancouver announces dates for the 2015 event. Canstruction Vancouver will take place April 24 - May 8th 2015.

We are excited to announce our dates for Canstruction Vancouver 2015, Vancouvers most incredible Foodie Design event is ready to lift off. Teams are starting to play with their food in the most imaginative ways.

Our presenting Sponsor FortisBC and Founder MET Fine Printers have brought the organizing committee together with lots of NEW and exciting additons to our team.

Where are the CANS?

Come and witness Vancouver's CANTASTIC 2015 Foodie Event this April 24th - May 8th!

Our premier venues the Pendulum Art Gallery and the Rotunda at Pacific Centre are ready to host our incredible creative sculptures created from upwards of 100,000 cans of food. Stay tuned for more really exciting announcements we are working on.
Over our 13 year history we have placed over 1.3 Million cans onto the shelves of the Greater Vancouver Foodbank Society. Help us crack the 1.5 million can barrier.

Bring your team and join in the fun, the amazing, the the possible.

Breaking News!

CAN you believe it? 20 teams of Architects, Engineers, Schools with some of Vancouver’s most socially progressive companies have designed their sculptures and are ready to compete in this years design/build competition for bragging rites and the coveted CANSTRUCTION Ribbon of honor!
The teams are competing in 7 local and 6 international categories ranging from Structural Integrity to Best Meal. The International winners go on to be judged in New York at the national level. Vancouver’s event is recognized as one of the top 5 in the world. Be sure to check out these amazing works of art in support of our Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society.

The 2014 Canstruction Vancouver Theme has been chosen, the 2014 event theme is “Around the World”. This years theme taps the imagination of Jules Verne’s Around the world in 80 days, it could be a destination, a mode of transportation, or a moment in history. I know we can’t wait… but we’ll have to…. Our 2014 event takes place May 9-16.
Our fabulous venues the Pacific Center Rotunda, Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver and the Pendulum Art Gallery play host to over 76,000 unique visitors over a week long opening. 20 Teams of Graphic Designers, Engineers, Architects, Landscape Architects, Students and local businesses gave Vancouver the finest Art Foodie experience the city has to offer.

Did you know that we have rasied over 1.23 million cans of food in the last 11 years? 100% of the cans raised goes to fill the shelves of the Greater Vancouver Foodbank to sustain our friends and neighbors who need our assistance. One of the greatest side effects of our sculptures is that the best can (we call it a pixel) is typically either Tuna, Salmon or Canned Ham for the best detail. This is the single largest donation of protien the food bank gets in a year.

The most talked about CANSTRUCTION Calendar in history is here!  See the amazing winning sculptures from the hugely successful 2012 event merged with awesome backgrounds that bring new life to the characters. To receive yours, visit the Greater Vancouver Foodbank  and make a $10 donation to recieve the worlds coolest build it yourself calendar!




Why we do it... Duh, hello!?

Lets see, its unbelievably fun, amazing team building, educational, teaches kids value of community work, work off your volunteer time, support those families in need, fill up the food banks shelves, align something good with your brand, your mom told you it's the right thing to do, everyone will love you even more than they do already, you may meet the love of your life during the build up.....

About US


Building a Canstruction.

Canstruction 2011


Canstruction Vancouver is an annual design and build competitions that takes place in over 160 cities world wide. Teams of architects, engineers, designers and schools get together to CANstruct fantastic, giant sized sculptures made entirely out of canned food. After the structures are built and the winners declared the creations go on view to the general public as giant art exhibits. At the close of the competitions 100% of the food used in the structures is donated to our Greater Vancouver Food Banks for distribution to community emergency feeding programs. Canstruction Vancouver is the largest contributors to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. Since its humble beginning in 2002, Canstruction Vancouver has raised over 1,318,000 cans of food, 100% of which is donated to those in need.


The late Cheri Melillo, a member of the Society of Design Administration (SDA), conceived and held the first Canstruction event in New York City in 1992. During Cheri’s tenure as the SDA’s National Public Relations Chair she developed Canstruction with the vision to unite the design and construction community in a series of friendly competitions that improve the lives of the underprivileged and under served.

George Kallas, Chairman of MET Fine Printers met Cheri in New York and saw the magic of Canstruction. George immediately set out to create Canstruction Vancouver as it was a perfect fit for his philanthropic dream. “As a child I remember my parents taking food to the needier families in the neighborhood during the holidays, this vision really stuck with me and was one of my real motivations behind bringing the event to Vancouver.” recalls Kallas “How perfect is it to merge design, creativity and giving to those in need? Once people understood what we were doing, it took very little convincing to join the fun.”

Canstruction Vancouver has grown to become one of the largest contributors to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. Since its humble beginning in 2002, Canstruction Vancouver has raised over 1,310,000 cans of food, 100% of which is donated to those in need.

Since 1992, Canstruction (National) holds design/build competitions in over 160 cities world-wide donating over 15 million pounds of canned food to alleviate the plague of hunger and malnutrition.”One CAN Make A Difference.”

Why we do it… Lets see, its unbelievably fun, amazing team building, educational, teaches kids value of community work, work off your volunteer time, support those families in need, fill up the food banks shelves, align something good with your brand, your mom tells you it’s the right thing to do, and you might just meet the love of your life during the build up…..

Our volunteer board led by Chair: Scott Gray of MET Fine Printers and Co-Chair Michelle Lee. Board Members; George Kallas (Founder), Nikos Kallas, John Saliken, Joyce Wagenaar, Andrew Stout, Conrad Tench, Dougal, Josee MacDonald, Jane Wilkins, Steven Tomljanovic, Mark Busse and Jonathan Vaughn Strebley.

Thank you also to our countless volunteers and committee members and Greater Vancouver Food Bank staffers are the backbone of this event.


Our Volunteer Board (The Dirty Dozen)

  • George Kallas - Founder
  • Scott Gray - Chair
  • Janice Podmore - Past Chair
  • Nikos Kallas
  • Joyce Wagenaar
  • Michelle Lee
  • Dougal Muir - Creative Direction
  • Conrad Tench
  • John Saliken
  • Andrew Stout
  • Steven Tomljanovic
  • Josee MacDonald
  • Mark Busse
  • Jonathon Vaughn Strebley
  • Jane Wilkins

Venue Info

The Pendulum Gallery 885 West Georgia Street. Right in the heart of our great city. Beautifully accessible to public transit.
The Rotunda at Pacific Center 701 West Georgia Street. A light filled crystal atrium with great access.
Four Seasons Hotel 791 West Georgia Street. Our prestige partners know what is important, to help fight Hunger... with style.

The Teams


Our teams are the core of Canstruction Vancouver, without them we have nothing. These teams are made from the passion, drive and commitment of companies and individuals that know that a little effort, fun and hard work makes a tremendous difference for those that need the assistance of the

Greater Vancouver FoodBanks. Engineers, Architects, Graphic Designers, Interior and Exterior Designers, Credit Unions, Technology and Service industry companies. All are welcome so long as you have it in your head and hearts to have fun and make a difference.

  • ALLNORTH / Maple Leaf Foods
  • AMEC
  • Ausenco
  • BC Hydro
  • HATCH & Hatch Mott MacDonald
  • Vancouver Convention Centre and PWL Partnership Landscape Architects Inc.
  • Allnorth / Maple Leaf
  • Bosa / Durante Kruek
  • Chandler Associates
  • Circuswest / Eric Hamber School / Concert Properties
  • Fluor
  • FortisBC
  • FortisBC
  • Halsall / Pivotal Projects
  • Hatch
  • Levelton
  • MET Fine Printers / Perkins + Will
  • New West Secondary
  • Pacific Blue Cross / Industrial Brand Creative / Omicron
  • PCL / Stantec
  • Prince of Wales Secondary School / Parallell Group
  • Ritchie Bros.
  • Team SFU
  • The Vancouver Sun / Edith Cavell Elem.
  • Vancouver Convention Centre and PWL Partnership Landscape Architects Inc.
  • AMEC
  • Brook Pooni
  • Chandler Associates Architecture
  • Coast Capital Savings / Omicron Architecture Engineering Construction
  • Durante Kruek / Bosa
  • Eric Hamber Secondary School / Levelton Consultants
  • Fluor
  • New Westminster Secondary School
  • KODAK / Edith Cavel Elementary
  • Levelton Consultants Ltd.
  • MET Fine Printers / Busby Perkins + Will
  • Metro Vancouver
  • MMM
  • FortisBC
  • Pacific Blue Cross
  • Parallel Group / Maple Leaf
  • PNE
  • Prince of Wales Secondary School
  • Richmond Secondary School
  • Stantec
  • Vancouver Convention Centre

Team: ALLNORTH / Maple Leaf Foods

Name: LIghtning McQueen


Team: AMEC

Name: BC Place


Team: Ausenco

Name: Tuna To-Toro and his Canmunity Garden


Team: BC Hydro

Name: Shrek and Donkey



Name: CANturbury Tales – Pop CANS



Name: Rubin Face



Name: Penguins of Madagascar on VaCANtion



Name: Supper-man!



Name: Smurfs R Mine



Name: Mr Potato CAN

Location: FOUR SEASONS HOTEL – Upper Lobby

Team: HATCH & Hatch Mott MacDonald

Name: A Tribute to Charles Schulz



Name: Homer vs the Donut



Name: The Sorcer’s Apprentice Mickey Mouse



Name: Tin Can Boy



Name: West Coast Salmon

Location: FOUR SEASONS HOTEL – Upper Lobby


Name: CANsformers cans in disguise



Name: Chef Ratatouille



Name: “Think Think Think”



Name: Pingu & Friend





Team: Vancouver Convention Centre and PWL Partnership Landscape Architects Inc.

Name: Mickey Meets Andy

Location: FOUR SEASONS HOTEL – Upper Lobby


Name: The Philantrhopic Grouch


Team: Allnorth / Maple Leaf

Name: Vancouver’s Mighty Salmon

Location: FORTISBC, 1111 Georgia

Salmon. While the Pacific Salmon can be found in the waters off many faraway lands, the people of British Columbia and Vancouver have forever taken a special ownership of this fish.

Historically the Pacific Salmon has provided sustenance for locals which led to it being used as a subject in traditional arts; we hope to echo these two characteristics of the salmon with our sculpture and subsequent food bank donation.

Inspired by the style of great local artists like Bill Reid, we have chosen red, black, and white to be the colours of the structure.

Types of Food Used:
Maple Leaf Flakes of Ham
Maple Leaf Turkey

Cans Used: 4,500

Team: Bosa Construction Inc. / Durante Kreuk Ltd.

Name: CANdid Camera


The City of Vancouver inspires photographers to tell stories through their cameras. This camera depicts the Vancouver Skyline capturing the mountains, Harbour Centre Tower and the Vancouver Downtown core. Our team, “The CANOGRAPHERS” have tried to capture the essence of our City through the lens of camera. While showcasing our great city, the real beauty lies within its people and their desire to help the less fortunate that makes Vancouver beautiful both inside and out. May we be inspired everyday by the beauty of our City, wide-eyed as if there we had a camera hanging around our neck.

Types of Food Used:
Tomato Soup
Whole Tomatoes

Cans Used: 7,800

Team: Chandler Associates Architecture Inc.

Name: Salmon CAN jump


The Salmon – majestically jumping out of the rivers & streams of Vancouver. Returning every year, from time immemorial.  Bringing with them hope & renewal, industry & sustenance. The Salmon has been an essential piece in the building of Vancouver.

Now the iconic fish has returned again swimming through the river of volunteers, bringing with it the hope of feeding children and building the foundations of hope for the families of Vancouver.

Types of Food Used:
Pink Salmon
Mini Rice Cakes
Chicken Noodle Soup
Asparagus Soup  

Cans Used: 4,000

Team: Circuswest / Eric Hamber School / Concert Properties



Library Square in Downtown Vancouver was designed by Canadian architect Moshe Safdie and is home to 2.8 million items in its collection and 375 000 cardholders.

The building was inspired by the Colisseum Amphitheatre in Rome and includes a 21-story office building in the southeast corner. Circus in Vancouver, too, was originally inspired by Ancient Roman architecture. Originally, the circus was a building for the exhibition of horse and chariot races, equestrian shows, staged battles, displays featuring trained animals, jugglers and acrobats. It has evolved to a magical and mystical multimedia display of human potential in action.

Library Square construction began in 1993 and it was opened in 1995 to the delight of British Columbians and it represents the second largest library system in the country.
Cirkids, now known as CircusWest, performed as a feature act during the opening weekend celebrations bringing the entry plaza alive with aerials, juggling, unicycling and trampoline. Since its opening, the Vancouver Library has become a home for many performances, fairs and festivals and is a gathering place for celebration, contemplation, and literary pursuits.

Types of Food Used:
Tomato Sauce, Parmesan Cheese, Spaghetti, Fusilli, Farfalle, Spaghetti Mix, Canned Spaghetti & Pizza Sauce

Cans Used: 3,100


Name: CANcouver

Location: 1075 W. Georgia St.

Fluor is proud to be a part of the city of Vancouver and all its triumphs. Although rain is a thought almost synonymous with Vancouver, what makes our city great is what we do in the rain. CANcouver shows the city rising out of that stigma with iconic landmarks like Cloud 9, Science World, and the RBC building; a rich cultural heritage reflected by a totem pole of an eagle catching a salmon; and a tribute to the city’s sporting achievements in the form of sports totem pole.

Safety, integrity, teamwork, and excellence are Fluor’s core values and are reflected in our Passion to Build projects all around the world. We believe in our commitment to have a positive impact on the quality of life in all the communities that we are a part of. Passion to Feed in Vancouver is proud to be a part of Canstruction Vancouver on its 10th anniversary.

Types of Food Used:
Maple Leaf Flakes of Ham, Ocean’s Tuna (various) Western Family Tuna, Clover Leaf Salmon, No-Name Tuna, Burns Flaked Ham, Gold Seal Tuna, President’s Choice Cola, (+ diet Cola), Mike and Ike’s, Tootsie Rolls, Quaker Rocky Road Granola Bars, Cool Aid.

Cans Used: 7,100


Location: FORTISBC, 1111 Georgia

FortisBC Customer Service team built a CAN-MINION inspired by the character in the movie Despicable Me. Due to the popularity of this character, our team re-created it again. It just makes people smile and be happy when they see it.

Types of Food Used:
No Name Sweet Chili Tuna
No Name Thai Basil Tuna
Maple Leaf Potted Meat
Ocean’s Snack N’ Lunch Tuna Teriyaki
Ocean’s Flaked White Albacore Tuna

Cans Used: 1,645

Team: FortisBC

Name: CANdola


Canstruction team members have had some connection to Grouse Mountain – when one looks northward in our beautiful city, it’s an icon that we are so proud of. The Grouse Mountain Gondola is a constant reminder of the exciting experience that going up the mountain gives to all who venture to our local mountain. In building this structure, we are all reminded of the uplifting experience of helping others in our community in a very special way – it’s a small thing to do, but in aggregate, every effort adds to the solution to hunger in our city. We are compelled to work on a solution to hunger, a solution to helping families cope with hardship. We’ve worked together to build this structure to do just that – to raise awareness, to attract hundreds to support the great work being done here at Canstruction, and to help each year of our building and support yield greater amounts of food.

Types of Food Used:
Tuna Cans of various flavours

Cans Used: 5,500

Team: Halsall Associates Cannon Design / Pivotal Projects



There are more than 230 sushi restaurants in the City of Vancouver, and more than 700 in the Lower Mainland, offering everything from traditional Japanese rolls to unique, specialty rolls. Clearly, Vancouverites love their sushi!

Types of Food Used:
Ocean’s Tuna and Salmon
Unico Tomatoes
Green Giant Corn
Franco American Gravy
Maple Leaf Canned Ham

Cans Used: 3,700

Team: Hatch & Hatch Mott MacDonald

Name: Port of Dreams

Location: FORTISBC, 1111 Georgia

Vancouver is a city built around the needs of early settlers. In the 1800’s, Vancouver was identified as an ideal location for a port. Today, we move over 120,000,000 tonnes of goods through our ports, creating thousands of jobs and over $10 billion dollars of Gross Domestic Product (GPD).

The Port of Dreams was created to deliver healthy, well-balanced meals to all. Designed to ensure all food groups from the Canada Food Guide are incorporated for healthy filling meals. Casseroles, chilies and pastas, the options are endless!

Our sculpture is a dream for a day when healthy and fulfilling food will be delivered to each and every person, with no one left hungry.

Types of Food Used:
Beans, Water, Pasta, Cereal
Rice, Tomato Sauce, Soya Milk
Condensed milk, Cooking spray
Juice boxes
Tomato paste
Gravy packages
Soup, Smoked sprats

Team: Levelton Consultants Ltd.

Name: The Eagle “Can”


Every winter, the majestic Bald Eagle, journeys to the West Coast of BC to feast on fish on the banks of our rivers, lakes and oceans. Their diet consists mostly on fish, such as spawning trout and salmon, which they snatch out of the water using powerful talons. The gripping power of the talons is estimated to be 10 times greater than that of a human!

Colbeagle the Eagle, the hunger-fighter, is here to help combat hunger! He prefers a smorgasbord of canned tuna, tomatoes, noodles, pudding, sausages, potato chips, gum and chocolates – maybe that is why he has grown to 6 ft tall and weighing in at 286 kilograms, to help combat hunger.

Did you know?

There are approximately 7,000 feathers on a bald eagle. When an eagle loses a feather on one wing, it will lose a feather on the other in order to keep its balance!

Types of Food Used:
Tuna Cans, Noodles, Spaghetti, Sugar, Seasoning

Cans Used: 3,200

Team: MET Fine Printers / Perkins + Will

Name: Year of the Dragon

Location: Four Seasons Hotel

Vancouver welcomes 2012 with a roar. A symbol of Vancouver’s Asian heritage, the benevolent Chinese dragon represents power, strength, good luck and control over rainfall. He holds the sun in his paw, emerging from the clouds below. What better wish for our fair city than domination over the rain and a triumphant defeat over hunger?

Our dragon incorporates many Asian food items: potato starch teeth and claws, tea bag antlers and wattles, ramen noodle bowl eyes, and clouds made of translucent bean thread noodles. The dragon itself is comprised of 5,760 flake light tuna cans, 888 chili flavoured tuna cans, and 576 smoked tuna cans.

Types of Food Used:
No-name flaked light tuna
Ocean’s Thai Chili tuna
Ocean’s Light Tuna Smoked
Twinings Lady Grey and English Breakfast Tea
Katakuriko Potato starch
Rooster Brand Vermicelli Bean Thread Noodles

Cans used: 7,224

Team: New West Secondary

Name: “The CAN-vas of the Wet-coast Whale”


Since the beginning of North America, the Aboriginal culture has impacted Vancouver in several amazing ways. With our sculpture, we are combining history and the core of Vancouver. We did this by representing the Aboriginal culture through the art that has enlightened our city, but also adding a flare of Vancouver by showcasing the amazing sculptures that are placed within our city. In our particular ‘CANstruction’ model we have imbedded the Aboriginal whale art with the raindrop sculpture in downtown Vancouver to provide our spectators with the ‘old and the new’ of Vancouver. Together the two scenes represent the essence of Vancouver! Aboriginal art has been at the heart of the British Columbia’s Heritage, and the Rain Drop is a representation of Vancouver. Morphing the two core elements, reminds us of how fortunate we are to live in such a culturally rich and diverse city. We must remember those who are less fortunate and who have a constant struggle with poverty. Our structure, made primarily from good “fish” protein will provide nutrition for those who are in need.

Types of Food Used:
Snack’n Lunch Tuna,
Chunk Light Tuna in water

Cans Used: 6,100

Team: CUPE 1816 / Industrial Brand / Omicron / Pacific Blue Cross/BC Life

Name: The Racoonteurs


The urban raccoon could easily be considered Vancouver’s unofficial mascot. From the cheeky begging bandits of Stanley Park to the alley-roving nocturnal gangs scouring through our refuse bins, the rascally raccoon is as much Vancouver as our mountains, water and shimmering glass towers.

However, these cute critters aren’t the only thing lurking just beneath our City’s gleaming surface—hunger is another. For many, the source of a meal is not certain, nor is a meal guaranteed. Canstruction is just one part of ensuring fresh food and sustenance for the people of our city. The rest is up to all of us.

Types of Food Used:
Ocean’s Tuna
Del Monte Green Beans

Cans Used: 2,802

Team: Stantec / PCL Westcoast Constructors Inc.

Name: The Urban Gardeners


On a warm and sunny August afternoon, Mr. Canderson strolled happily down Davie Street on his to way to the local community garden to pick some food for dinner that night. Mr. Canderson approached his garden plot and bent down to pick one of his fresh carrots. As he started to tug on the bright vegetable, he looked down, and let out a gasp as he fell backwards. Looking right back at him was a small, slimy snail, which somehow had arrived at the vegetable garden first.

“Thank you Mr. Canderson, for growing such delicious food for me and my family to eat!” said the snail. “You are so kind to provide us with a delicious feast – the big juicy tomatoes and the sweet orange carrots are my favourites!”

“Delicious feast?” Mr. Canderson said, not believing that he was talking to a snail. “You are eating all my vegetables!” he replied sternly. “I need these for my family’s dinner. You are being very selfish right now, snail”.

“By growing these vegetables in your garden, I can help you too” the snail went on. “I recycle the organic matter in the soil making it rich and fertile and full of nutrients that are good for you and your vegetables.”

“I suppose I could… share with you?” offered Mr. Canderson. “I didn’t really think about how you and your family needed to eat too. I know! – I’ll set aside some vegetables for you here” he said, pointing to a corner of the vegetable plot. “Afterall, food is for all of us big and small, and it’s meant to be shared”.

“Thank you Mr. Canderson!” said the snail. “I feel honoured to share this garden with you”. Mr. Canderson and the snail lived out the rest of their days, sharing their food, and their stories together at the local encanted community garden. THE END.

Types of Food Used:
Western Family Chicken Broth
Hunts Tomato Paste
Brunswick Sardines in Soya Oil
Western Family Solid White Albacore Tuna (in water)
Spitz Sunflower Seeds (Dill Pickle and Seasoned flavours)

Cans Used: 6,100

Team: PW & Parallel CANstruction Team

Name: Gastown Steam Clock

Location: 1075 W. Georgia St

The Steam Clock is an iconic landmark in Vancouver’s historical Gastown District. Gastown is uniquely representative of Vancouver in its vibrant culture, combination of gritty urban landscape with the area’s natural beauty, and social and economic diversity.

Types of Food Used:
Ocean’s Tuna
Ocean’s Salmon

Cans Used: 1,700

Team: Ritchie Bros

Name: Boy With Beluga Whale


Vancouvers Aquarium is home to the majestic Beluga Whales, the iconic image of a boy viewing the whale is identified by countless children who swear “that’s me!”

Cans Used: 4,200

Team: Simon Fraser University

Name: The Simon Fraser Rose


When Simon Fraser was sent West to expand trading opportunities for the North West Company in the early 1800s, he accepted with perseverance and valor. Under these principles was Simon Fraser University established. The university became committed to expanding into the city and engaging the world.

To symbolize this growth, we chose to reconstruct the Simon Fraser Rose (named in honour of Simon Fraser). The center of the rose represents the three diverse campuses of SFU connected as one. The petals represent the blossoming of Metro Vancouver and the leaves represent the vast natural setting that is British Columbia.

As a whole, the three separate parts of the rose combined reflect the community fostered by Simon Fraser University and the essence of the City of Vancouver.

Types of Food Used:
Del Monte – Sweet Peas: No Salt
Clover Leaf – Flaked Light Tuna: Lemon & Pepper
Clover Leaf – Skinless Boneless Pink Salmon
in Water
BOSA – Solid Light Tuna
Raincoast Wild Sockeye Salmon:
No Salt
Del Monte – Cut Green Beans: No Salt

Cans Used: 4,388

Team: The Vancouver Sun / Edith Cavell Elem.

Name: Faithfully yours for 100 years


Like ‘Man’s best firiend’, the Vancouver Sun has been counted on to bring us the news for 100 years, and still going strong!

Types of Food Used:
Chef Boyardee Beefaroni
Bush Beans with Bacon   
Organic Navy Beans         
Swanson Chicken Broth  
Western Family Beans  

Cans Used: 3,460

Team: Vancouver Convention Centre and PWL Partnership Landscape Architects Inc.

Name: Whale Take a Bite Out of Hunger

Our sculpture pays homage to a beloved creature inhabiting the Pacific West Coast: the killer whale or orca. At the same time, our design is also influenced by Douglas Coupland’s Digital Orca that sits on the edge of the harbour on the Jack Poole Plaza at the Vancouver Convention Centre. This magnificent 25’ sculpture of a pixilated orca has truly become a Vancouver icon, and is photographed regularly by the community and international guests alike.
We must all do our part in taking responsible actions to protect this beautiful animal and preserve their natural marine habitat.

Similarly, we must also protect and support those in our community who are fighting hunger.

Types of Food Used:
Western Family Classic Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes (398ml)
President’s Choice Smokin’ Stampede Beef Chili (410g)
Heinz Zoodles (398ml)

Cans Used: 6,100

Team: AMEC

Name: Tutankhamen’s Mask

Winner: Best use of Labels

The mask of Tutankhamen is an icon from the past,

In tuna and in turkey, his image is recast,

We picked the teenage pharaoh for this year’s Canstruction theme,

To show that time’s an arrow, and permanence a dream,

Like Shelley’s Ozymandias, all rulers have their day,

Relentlessly, the sandy desert winds blow them away,

Dictators end deposed or dead – Tut or Plantagenet,

One day they’re gone; and in their stead?  Let’s just imagine it.

Cans used 5,680


Brook Pooni

Team: Chandler Associates Architecture

Name: Arbour-EAT-um

Winner: Structural Ingenuity

Imagine sitting under the apple tree and watching an apple fall to the ground. A simple question emerges – why does an apple fall to the ground? The answer changed the way people understood the universe.

Imagine sitting on a city bench and watching a child cry in hunger.

Another simple question emerges – why does a child go hungry? Our answer can change the way people understand humanity, one can at a time.

Cans used, 8,000


Team: Coast Capital Savings / Omicron

Architecture Engineering Construction

Name: CAN LEGO of Hunger

Winner: Structural Ingenuity

LEGO is the nostalgic and creative building tool that inspired our team to build this structure. LEGO is more than a childhood toy; it is the tangible artefact of youthful dreams. With imagination and LEGO as the medium, anything is possible – even the end of hunger!

Cans used, 3,200


Durante Kruek / Bosa

Team: Eric Hamber Secondary School / Levelton Consultants

Name: It’s Hamber Time! (Super Mario breaks loose)

Winner: Structural Ingenuity

Mario breaks loose from the wrath of the Donkey-Kong and erupts into old-school Hamber-Time! Kong can’t touch this… This 2-Dimensional image provides a screen capture of a Donkey Kong session paused. This is all that a pancake Mario needed to escape and punctuate his celebration from freedom with a little retro dance music assisted Hamber-time. Mario starts to adjust to life in the real world beginning with an evolving 3D mustache.

New school Eric Hamber students help to bring old-school vibe to Canstruction Vancouver, Retro baby!

Cans used, 5,500


Team: Fluor

Name: oCANpogo

Winner: Best Meal

From the mysterious depths of the popular Lake Okanagan in British Columbia, Canada, comes oCANpogo. oCANpogo is a fierce 15 metre long sea-snake with a body that undulates when it swims in Lake Okanagan. Those who have lived to tell their tale claim it is a prehistoric serpentine creature, with the dragon’s head, sharp teeth and webbed feet.

Safety, integrity, teamwork and excellence are Fluor’s core values and are reflected in our Passion to Build projects all around the world. We believe in our commitment to have a positive impact on the quality of life in all the communities that we are a part of. Our Passion to build has led Passion to Feed to CANstruct.

Cans used 6,000


Team: New Westminster Secondary School

Name: Caped CAN Crusader to the Rescue

Amongst the less fortunate there is a common villain named HUNGER. Imagine our super hero who is able to help diminish empty stomachs and fill kitchen cupboards! Symbolizing hope and charity, Batman is not only an iconic Marvel character, he empowers our school and community to help combat hunger one can at a time. Batman represents the ability to take initiative and to contribute creatively to the health and well-being of others less fortunate in our community.

Cans used 4,200


Team: KODAK / Edith Cavel Elementary

Name: Imagine (John Lennon’s album cover)

Imagine there’s no groceries
No chicken leg to fry
No bread in the basket
Even the toast is dry

Imagine all the people
Who need a little help today
You may say that we are dreamers
But we’re not the only ones
That’s why we give to the FoodBank

Imagine no more Starbucks
I wonder if you can
All it takes is a few bucks
And a delivery van

Imagine all the people
Sharing all the food

You may say that we are dreamers
But we’re not the only ones
That’s why we give to the FoodBank
Cans of tuna by the ton…


Team: Levelton Consultants Ltd.

Name: CAN-ucks Stanley Cup

The “Can-ucks” were inspired by our team’s amazing season to date! As the Vancouver Canucks celebrate their 40th Season we dare to dream… the home team with the cup! Imagine!

Cans used, 1705


Team: MET Fine Printers / Busby Perkins + Will

Name: A Penny for Your Thoughts

The premise of our idea stems from the discussion of phasing out the penny. Currently the government produces about 816 million pennies per year, while only a smaller percentage of Canadians use them and the cost for producing the penny is higher than its worth.

What will become of the penny? Imagine the amount of food we could buy if we all contributed all the pennies that lie lost in the bottom of our drawers or purses, or pennies found on the street. What will you do with your pennies? Here is a penny, tell us what you think: tweet #CANSTRUCTIONVAN

Cans used 7,000


Metro Vancouver


Team: FortisBC

Name: Minions Untie for the Food Bank

Winner: Winner Honourable Mention

The Food Bank called and we answered; minions throughout the universe united for an intergalactic food-sculpting spectacle to showcase our eternal and absolute devotion to the mighty apple.

We are a tireless army. We are an unstoppable force. We are a dedicated team.

We imagine a world where our unwavering focus and commitment make a difference.

We imagine a world where our relentless efforts can transform our vision into our legacy.

We imagine a world where we can vanquish hunger as easily as we can steal the moon.

We have the skills. We have the will. We have the cans.

We are ready to build our dream and make it real.

Cans used 8,000

Pacific Blue Cross

Parallel Group / Maple Leaf


Team: Prince of Wales Secondary School

Name: CANadian Mittens

We have chosen to honour the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games with the very symbol of the games themselves, the unmistakable red mittens. During the games, the mittens warmed the hands of athletes and fans alike, held 14 gold medals and witnessed the transformation of a city and a country.

Cans used 1,600


Richmond Secondary School

Team: Stantec

Name: Rabbit in a Hat

We do not need magic to change the world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already; we have the power to imagine better. – J. K. ROWLING

A child’s first exposure to the wonders of magic ignites a world of imagination.  The illusions are breathtaking and intriguing and suddenly the impossible, is possible after all. What is real?  What is a dream?  Imagine a bunny coming out of a hat?

Imagination involves the suspension of the laws of physics, logic and reality.  Magic invites us into a world which bends these rules, startling us into the realization that with imagination, anything can happen. Our souls are stirred by the magician, unleashing our imagination and creativity by reminding us that boundaries are just an illusion. With imagination comes curiosity, where children seek to discover the world around them. It is this curiosity that takes us on adventure of the magical realm, where dreams are born and carried with us, to insight passion into our daily lives.  As we grow older, we can discover that dreams of a better life for all in the world are real if we continue to imagine and hold the magic of love in our hearts.

Cans used 3,750


Vancouver Convention Centre

Our teams are the core of Canstruction Vancouver, without them we have nothing. These teams are made from the passion, drive and commitment of companies and individuals  
  To form a team you just need a few basics personality types: 1) The Team Champion - someone who has the passion to do good, can get a few people together 2) Professional Design - either a Certified Graphic Designer, Engineer or Architect 3) A few able bodied volunteers - usually about 6-10 warm blooded individuals capable of having a great time   Here are a few suggestions of how to build your team:
  • 1) Design, Engineering and Architectural firms compete against one another, make a friendly challenge to a competitor
  • 2) Design professionals can mentor student teams (grade school, high school, college and University), use this as part of a creative curriculum, an offsite creative exersize
  • 3) Challenge your school Leadership Committee, Student Council groups, talk to your teachers and counsellors to bring together a team.
  • 4) Design professionals can mentor corporate, club or civic organization teams
  • 5) Involve your staff, do you have team events? Fund raisers? Staff team building exersizes? This could be your next big staff event
  • 6) Ask our organizing committee to “arrange a marriage” for you. We have lots of companies that are looking for partners, we can help. Perhaps you have a Team Champion, a great idea but not very much sponsorship? Bring your  challenges to us, we may be able to find you the partner you are looking for.
Our teams are the core of Canstruction Vancouver, without them we have nothing. These teams are made from the passion, drive and commitment of companies and individuals.
Here are some ideas that work:
  • 1) Does your company have a corporate fundraising policy? Perhaps they will provide some support for your team. Will your company provide matching funds for any funds you and your team can raise through bake sales, or other fund raisers?
  • 2) Contact food manufacturers, distributors and grocery stores for donations/discounts. Many would be happy to offer assistance if you can help spread their message too.
  • 3) Organize a fund raiser to obtain food and/or cash donations. Car washes, bake sales, food drives and other.
  • 4) Obtain sponsors to fund your team, do you know of other good corporate citizens? Once they know of the amazing team building event and positive message this sends, many companies are looking for good brand building opportunities.
Our teams are the core of Canstruction Vancouver, without them we have nothing. These teams are made from the passion, drive and commitment of companies and individuals.

Our Sponsors


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Our sponsors are the backbone of Canstruction Vancouver. These companies get it, they understand corporate responsibility is not simply to employ staff and turn a profit, but to give back to their community that supports them. In giving they also engage their own staff to promote healthy competition and creativity in a win-win event. Canstruction Vancouver is one of the best ways to support your Corporate Philanthropic Brand story.

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities please inquire here.

Our Presenting Sponsor FortisBC, FortisBC has been involved in Canstruction since 2002 when they jumped in with a new team. Now seasoned competitors and our Presenting Sponsor, FortisBC understand as they see giving back as an important part of their efforts to create a sustainable future for British Columbians.

Our founder MET Fine Printers brought Canstruction to Vancouver in 2001 and leveraged their creative partnerships to unleash the first Canstruction Vancouver with a theme of the 2010 Olympics with the then Bid Corp and associated partners to start with a bang. Today, over 1.31million cans donated to the GVRB we are targeting on our next million cans.

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